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July 4th fun part 1

On the 4th, after a nice birthday chat with Grams, we packed up and headed to Chattanooga, TN.  Due to the inclement weather, we weren’t sure what we would be doing, but we were hoping for some fun.  First stop, The Creative Discovery Museum.  Best children’s museum!!!

  • Playing in the water room
  • Penny and Grandma having fun with the water
  • Grandma love
  • Penny sporting the homemade 4th of July hat Mommy made her
  • Mommy sporting the hat, Penny wanted to make her own
  • Awesome hat made by Penny
  • Penny and Uncle Sam
  • Penny and Papi
  • Face painting with Mommy
  • It's eating me!!!!!! (Teddy not so happy)
  • Dress up time
  • Searching for dinosaur bones
  • nom nom
  • Following in Mommy's footsteps
  • Walking up to the tower look out
  • buzz buzz
  • Penny bubble
  • Teddy and Papi


Happy 5th birthday to the one and only Penelope Jean Margheim!!! Penny has been talking for months about celebrating her birthday with Grandma and Grandpa at the Atlanta aquarium and seeing the dolphin show.   Though after spending the day at the aquarium it’s harder to say who was more excited, Penny or Teddy.  What a perfect way to spend the day!!!  Love you sweetheart!!!

IMG_9133 IMG_9124 IMG_9112 IMG_9106 IMG_9097 IMG_9086 IMG_9081 IMG_9080 IMG_9076 IMG_9073 IMG_2829 IMG_2808 IMG_2805 IMG_2800 IMG_2798 IMG_2795 IMG_2793 IMG_2792 IMG_2771 IMG_2769 IMG_2761 IMG_2753 IMG_2752 IMG_2742 IMG_2737 IMG_2727 IMG_2722 IMG_2715 IMG_2712

Penny, Meet Your Baby Brother

World, Meet Teddy

Theodore Jacob was born 12:45pm today, October 3. He is a big kid, 9.0 lbs and 21.25 inches. Mommy and baby are doing great and Penny is going to go meet her litte brother very soon.

31 weeks

From Penny’s perspective-